Voynich Modular 4 Cipher


What I have demonstrated here is how the VMS could have been encoded and I show a Latin decipherment to English which is coherent.  To all those in the camp who believe the VMS is meaningless, this simple experiment proves you wrong!  This cipher avoid’s frequency attacks for a possible decryption.   It also makes glyphs in the VMS pointless to attack, because of glyph’s many variable options for what it should be in that vord.

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Voynich Modular 24 Cipher

  Published May 8, 2017 Author: Tom E. O’Neil List Price: $29.95 House of Este, Voynich Manuscript 8.5″> Full Color on White paper 50 pages ISBN-13: 978-1546573272 (CreateSpace-Assigned) ISBN-10: 1546573275 BISAC: History / Renaissance The numerator never increments, but the denominator does by 1 each time. This allows the decoder to obtain other letters in the Voynich word through abstract math; … Continue reading Voynich Modular 24 Cipher

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